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Insight is what you get when you sit still and pay attention.

On these pages are some things I've found when I've paid attention. Perhaps you'll find something of interest here.


Coda at two years

"Coda the Bone" at two years old.

"Coda" is a musical term that refers to the closing phrase of a long musical piece. Bainbridge Kennel produced many Australian Shepherd champions in its 25-year history, and Coda was the last puppy (out of seven) of its last litter. His formal name - Bainbridge Finale - is therefore quite appropriate.

His parentage is Ch. McMatt's Easy Going ("Cruiser") x Ch. JND's Spellbound ("Piper"), and he was born July 11, 2003. I had the incredible privilege of delivering him myself.

Coda's nickname "The Bone" arose from his having somewhat larger bone structure then the typical Aussie.



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