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BWCA - June 2011

Page 6: Lessons Learned, aka Surveying the Wreckage


  • One freeze-dried dinner
  • The remains of the second pizza dinner's ingredients
  • Some Red River cereal
  • Some instant milk
  • Four ounces of beef jerky (good for the ride home)
  • Three packages of bannock mix
  • Three packages of pudding mix
  • An ounce or so of blueberry jam
  • Two ounces of Chambord
  • Several granola bars
  • A few ounces of stove fuel left in the stove itself (we used both pints)

Things I brought but didn’t use:

  • First aid kit
  • One long sleeve t-shirt
  • Spare glasses
  • Cold and blister treatments from my toiletry kit
  • Extra batteries
  • Fire starters

I would bring all of these items on any trip regardless of whether I used them or not.

Things I wished I’d brought:

  • Lighter weight sleeping bag
  • A tripod chair (the Alite Monarch didn't quite cut it)
  • Pita bread
  • Easy-on/off leather work gloves
  • Sheet for air mattress (instead of the nylon Exped cover)
  • Hairbrush
  • Ankle brace

Things that could have been left behind or didn't work well:

  • Bear Vault (the food didn't need that level of protection)
  • The second straight-blade paddle
  • Extra 32-ounce Nalgene bottle
  • Nalgene jars (they leak)

Things I'm glad we had:

  • Trail mix (this is the first trip I've taken it and enjoyed it greatly)
  • Second pair of pants and long sleeve shirt
  • Neck gaiter (didn't have to pull the sleeping bag up so high)
  • 16-ounce Nalgene bottle (good for mixing milk and a lifesaver on long portages)
  • Pack liner (a big, breathable dry bag for inside the large pack)
  • Hot water on demand (despite the pot getting sooty)
  • Littlbug stove
  • Windscreens for Coleman stove (but the large one needs vents at the top so the frying pan heats more completely)



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